Sean Mullally for County Commissioner!

Why I'm running for County Commission

I've always believed a leader is defined as someone the people trust, and someone who, in turn, trusts the people. But lately people seem more disillusioned than ever with government and trust is in very short supply. I want to change that. I want a new relationship between residents and elected leaders that is based in trust, transparency and accountability.

Eight years ago you first elected me to the Board of Trustees for Muskegon Community College. During these years, I've helped confront difficult challenges including limited funding, rising costs and outdated, undersized facilities. I'm proud to have been part of the leadership team that faced these challenges head on. We initiated the largest building projects at MCC in over 40 years, including an exciting new downtown technology campus opening new career paths for Muskegon County students.

As MCC Board Treasurer, I've been very careful with oversight of the college's finances, and we've always insisted on a balanced budget. As a result, we've been able to keep tuition more affordable than most similar colleges. Because of all this, I am extremely proud that MCC has earned the status of #1 Community College in Michigan by independent ranking! This is a huge victory for all of Muskegon County and a lot of people made it happen.

Now I feel it's time I apply what I've learned from these successes at MCC to help our County government be more effective. President Kennedy once said, "We chose to go to the Moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard." It's in that spirit I am asking to be your next County Commissioner. I know our county is facing difficult challenges, but I feel called to help make a difference. I make three promises to you if you elect me: I'll always put in my whole effort, I'll always tell you the full truth, and I'll never stop listening to you.

Sean Mullally




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